AED Donations and Awards

About the AED Program

Studies have shown that successful resuscitation of the cardiac arrest patient is dependent upon citizen response prior to 911 Responders arrival. Actions to be taken by the public, in cases of cardiac arrest, should include: 911 notification, CPR, and Defibrillation (AED).


Based on this recent data, it is an objective of the Mile-High RETAC SMART/CPR Program to assist organizations with the deployment of public access AEDs. Through private donations and funds from the Mile-High RETAC annual Golf Tournament, AEDs are purchased and made available through a grant request process (see documents). The focus of these grant awards is to place AEDs in locations that will impact the greatest number of citizens. Grant priorities include:


  • Locations of Public Gathering (Town Halls, Community Centers, Churches, etc.)

  • Educational facilities

  • Emergency Service Responders


All awards are based upon potential for citizen impact; organizational financial need; and organizational ability to maintain an AED Program.

AED Donations

Mountain View Fellowship Church in Strasburg
July 31, 2018
Castlewood Canyon State Park - June 5, 2017

Castlewood Canyon State Park will be placing 3 AEDs in park ranger vehicles that can be deployed in remote areas...

Redeemer Temple - 
May 31, 2017

Redeemer Temple contacted Adams County Fire to inquire about placing an AED. They were very excited...

Frassati Catholic Academy
May 8, 2018
West Douglas County Fire Protection - June 5, 2017

West Douglas Fire will be placing their AED on the Chief’s vehicle. He is often the first on scene prior...

Journey of Faith -
May 31, 2017

Journey of Faith contacted Adams County Fire to inquire about placing an AED to serve citizens...

Byers School District
December 4, 2017
ACE on the FAX -
June 1, 2017

Ace Hardware on east Colfax has decided to place an AED in their very busy store...

Mile High Karate -
May 31, 2017

Mile High Karate is learning facility for participants of all ages. The founder of their school has put out a directive...

Big Sandy School in
Simla - August 12, 2016

Steve Wilson, Superintendent at Big Sandy Schools, contacted the MHRETAC regarding the need...

City of Thornton - 
March 2016

Two AED’s were donated to the City of Thornton in March 2016.  This was a joint effort between...

City of Bennett -
May 28, 2015

Two AED’s were donated to the City of Bennett in May of 2015. Bennett Fire Protection District initiated...

Shadow Ridge Middle School - April 18, 2012

Mile-High RETAC donated this AED as a recognition to Shadow Ridge Middle School for being the first school...

2018 Adams 12 Five Star Schools


Award given to Adams 12 Five Star School Board for their work on providing CPR training in their schools over the past 10 years. David Baldwin also received an award for his guidance and efforts in getting the program started in Adams County.


Adams 12 Five Star Schools


After partnering with the Mile High RETAC to pilot the SMART Program in 2007, Adams 12 Five Star Schools has now made the dedication to have AEDs in all of their schools and district buildings. Thank you for your continued dedication to the safety of your students, staff, and citizens.

AED Awards

Jeff Genger

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for Adams 12 Five Star Schools


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