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Ambulance Inspection

Ambulance Licensing Reimbursement Grant

The Mile-High RETAC is committed to supporting EMS agencies within the six cities and counties (herein referred to as counties) of the MHRETAC. The MHRETAC includes Denver, Broomfield, Elbert, Douglas, Arapahoe and Adams counties. To help accomplish this, the MHRETAC Council has instituted a grant process to reimburse EMS agencies for ambulance inspection fees.


The Multi-County Ambulance Licensing Committee consists of Broomfield, Elbert, Douglas, Arapahoe, Adams and Jefferson County. Denver pulled out of this committee January of 2010. Through the efforts of this Committee, there are now standardized applications, inspections, complaint forms, ordinances and reciprocity. All documents are in compliance with the State’s Ground Ambulance Rules that were adopted on April 7, 2005 and became effective November 1, 2006.


If an EMS agency has a base station in Denver, it must obtain a license to conduct business in Denver in addition to the ambulance licensing in one of the counties that are included in the Multi-County Ambulance Licensing Committee. Agencies may provide mutual aid/overflow into Denver without obtaining a license in Denver. Mutual aid/Overflow refers to those agreements between departments and agencies that allow for the occasional assistance with emergency response calls that the primary agency or department cannot immediately respond to or in situations that require extra assistance. These agreements are designed to assist the primary agency not to operate in lieu of the agency.


Each agency must pay Jefferson County directly for administering the ambulance inspection program and may request the funds from the MHRETAC with the proper documentation.

Thank you, Stan Howell, for serving as our

Ambulance Inspector for 20 Years. 

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