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About Mile-High RETAC

The Mile-High Regional Emergency Medical and Trauma Advisory Council was formed by the Emergency Medical and Trauma System Act of 2000. These new councils combined the efforts of the previously existing Area Trauma Advisory Councils and Regional Emergency Medical Services Councils. This Colorado Revised Statute SB-180 combined the emergency services with trauma programs. The MHRETAC has the responsibility for creating a regional implementation plan for delivery of emergency medical and trauma care.


RETACs implement and monitor the effectiveness of their regional plans. Each RETAC provides a biennial plan that details the regional emergency medical services plan and provides financial information detailing the expenditures of money received. Colorado has 11 regional emergency medical and trauma regions. Each region consists of 5 or more counties that participate through a local advisory council. Each RETAC has a Coordinator or Executive Director that provides regional support and services to all participating counties.


Patient care remains first and foremast in all decision making and in developing goals for the MHRETAC. It is important for Emergency Medical; and Trauma Systems providers to work together to meet changes with an organized approach. Each RETAC in the state of Colorado is a liaison between the providers of patient care and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Emergency Medical and Trauma Division.

Board of Directors

Adams County
  • Michael Bean, Representing Government

  • Dave Baldwin, Representing Pre-hospital

  • Charles Little, DO, Representing Facility

Arapahoe County
  • Rich Solomon, Representing Government

  • Dylan Luyten, MD, Representing Facility

  • Ralph Vickrey, Representing Pre-hospital

Broomfield City/County
  • Lenzi McGee, Representing Government

  • Ross Riley, Representing Pre-hospital

  • Charles Mains, MD, Representing Facility

Denver City/County
  • Gary Bryskiewicz, Representing Pre-hospital

  • Kevin McVaney, MD Representing Government

  • Ryan Lawless, MD Representing Facility

Douglas County
  • Michael Moore, Representing Pre-hospital

  • Burt Katubig, MD, Representing Facility

  • Janice Michael, Representing Government

Elbert County
  • Caroline Dullien, Representing Facility

  • Alex Jakubowski, Representing Government

  • Cass Kilduff, Representing Pre-hospital

Thank you for your dedication and service!


Kathryn Beauchamp, MD


Ralph Vickrey

2013 to 2016


Jason Butts

2013 to 2019

Jackie Fitch

2007 to 2017


Richard Atkins

2007 to 2019

Christopher Colwell, MD

2000 to 2016

Rich Martin

2004 to 2013



Adams County Commissioners - Website
EMS Agencies
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Arapahoe County Commissioners - Website
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Broomfield County Commissioners - Website
  • North Metro Fire Rescue - Website

Denver County Commissioners - Website
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Douglas County Commissioners - Website
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  • Larkspur Fire - Website

  • Ute Pass Ambulance - Website

  • West Douglas County Fire Protection District - Website

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EMS Agencies

Participating Hospitals

Level I Trauma Center
  • Children's Hospital Colorado

  • Denver Health Medical Center

  • St. Anthony Hospital

  • Swedish Medical Center

  • University of Colorado Hospital

Level II Trauma Center
  • The Medical Center of Aurora

  • Littleton Adventist Hospital

  • North Suburban Medical Center

  • Sky Ridge Medical Center

Level III Trauma Center
  • Parker Adventist Hospital

  • St. Anthony North

Level IV Trauma Center
  • Platte Valley Medical Center

  • Presbyterian Saint Luke's

  • Rose Medical Center

  • Centennial Hospital

Non-Designated Trauma Centers
  • Veterans Administration

  • Exempla St. Joseph's Hospital

  • Porter Adventist Hospital

  • National Jewish Hospital

Denver Metro EMS Medical Directors

DMEMSMD is a volunteer gathering of physicians working to enhance prehospital care across the Denver area. The group works to create consensus protocols and educational guidelines aimed at improving the standard of care.The Denver Metro region is a combination of the Foothills and Mile-High Regional Emergency Medical and Trauma Advisory Councils (RETACs).


EMS Region Award 2017 

EMS Region of the Year

EMSAC Award 2016 

Colorado Flight for Life Excellence in Safety

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