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Annual Medical Legal Forum

September 25-27, 2018 

This is a 3 day conference for medical personnel to raise awareness of the legal liabilities associated with various aspects of patient care, communication EMS billing, and hospital and EMS data integration.


Topic that will be covered during this three day forum:

  • Understanding the Finances of an Ambulance Service

  • What’s Next for EMS Billing, Documentation & Reimbursement

  • Revenue Cycle’s Role in Financial Strategy

  • Financial Modeling and Alternate Payment Models for EMS

  • Mandated Federal Cost Collection for Ambulance Service

  • Resolving Self-Pay and Managing Patients

  • Emerging Legal Issues

  • Colorado and National Legislative Update

  • Supervising Former Peers

  • Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right: Preventing Cognitive Bias in Error Investigation

  • CMS EMTALA Enforcement and Review, 2018

  • False Claims Act Update

  • Dispositioning Mental Health Patients

  • What Agencies are Doing Across the State

  • EMS and Trauma Data Projects

  • Making Meaningful Improvements Using Data

  • Implementing a Comprehensive Compliance Program: “Can You Afford Not To”

  • EMS and Health Information Exchange: Blazing New Data Trails in Colorado

  • Utilizing Standardized Care Plans in a Mobile Integrated Health- Compliance Program (MIH-CP) Platform to Improve Data, Outcomes and Population Health

  • Why Data Matters (It’s A Good Time to Be A Geek in the EMS Business)

  • EMS Agenda 2050: Envision the Future


Denver Marriott West
1717 Denver West Boulevard
Golden, Colorado 80401-3144


Reserve your hotel room by calling 888.238.1803, Marriott Reservations or online through the Denver Marriott West.


Book Online Now!


The discounted hotel rate is $162+ per night.  Be sure to check for any cancellation and early departure fees.


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