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Community Event

Adams County CPR and AED Awareness

In recognition of National Preparedness Month in September our office set out to teach Continuous Chest Compression CPR and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) operations to all Adams County employees. This effort was made possible through the coordination of the Mile High Regional Emergency Medical and Trauma Advisory Council, North Washington Fire Department, Adams County Emergency Management and Adams County Risk Management, and most especially by the volunteer hours of our class instructors. In the end, we trained 117 employees in Continuous Chest Compression CPR and AED operations and afterwards over 96% felt comfortable in performing both in the future. Attached you will find the total class attendance per location and the survey question results.


Special thanks to Thornton Fire Department Chief Leo Giuliano for sharing his best practices in teaching this class and thank you to all Adams County employees who both participated and made this possible. I’d also like to take a moment to acknowledge our instructors who volunteered 3 to 12 hours of their time for this class.

  • North Washington Fire Department: Dave Baldwin, Eric Schultz, Kerry Furst, and Brett Anderson

  • Brighton Fire Rescue: Mike Prill and Dawn Blunt

  • Federal Heights Fire: Lance Schneider

  • Thornton Fire Department: Leo Giuliano and Sabrina Lacovetta


In the future we will look to increase the frequency of this awareness level training for all county employees, possibly offer CPR Certification for interested employees, and offer a similar event for the public at the 2014 Adams County Fair. 

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